About the Half Century Campaign

For almost half a century, Pilibos has empowered students to follow their dreams by providing a standard of academic excellence that makes every dream achievable. After years of nurturing great minds, one thing we’ve learned is that anything is possible, and the more we offer our students today, the more we empower them to reach new heights tomorrow.

While the world is growing ever more competitive, with an unprecedented number of challenges and an unprecedented number of opportunities -- our vision and mission, as a premier independent academic institution, are to provide unparalleled opportunities, stimulating experiences, and unfettered growth to ensure a successful future for our students. To continue to surpass this standard of excellence over the next 50 years and beyond, we have crafted a strategic vision - The Half Century Campaign.

The Half Century Campaign is a comprehensive, three-fold effort that will provide much needed funding for new and exciting opportunities for sustained growth and achievement. The Pilibos Endowment Fund will provide a permanent asset to advance academic excellence.  Through scholarships, Pilibos can ensure student success.  The Capital Growth Project will secure funds that will allow for structural improvements and physical growth. The Enrichment Fund will strengthen the annual operating budget to uphold the quality of our education for the next generation of students.

With the largest and most ambitious fundraising campaign in the history of Pilibos, these efforts aim to strengthen every aspect of the academic experience, sustain financial growth, and secure our prominence for the next half century.

Campaign Initiatives


    Futures Take Flight

    Goal: $2 million

    The Pilibos Endowment Fund opens a world of possibilities for our students. When you donate, you create unparalleled opportunities for students through merit and need-based scholarships. The Pilibos Endowment fund allows donors to make an impact in the community during their lifetime, as well as provide a gift that lasts. By investing in student success you are investing in the future.  Scholarships change lives, and that change begins with you.  Through our Endowment Fund, you can create change through:

    • Expanding outreach in the community
    • Providing financial support to students through scholarship funds that are both need and merit based
    • Creating a steady income stream that is independent from tuition
    • Offering professional development opportunities for faculty excellence

    Spreading Our Wings

    Goal: $2 million

    Pilibos is known for academic excellence rooted in a rich Armenian heritage. As our prominence has grown, so too has our need for more learning spaces. We believe every child and family should have the opportunity to connect with their heritage, while receiving an exemplary education. By donating to our Capital Growth Fund, you are making it possible to address the demands of a diverse array of scholastic and co-curricular activities that will provide students with:

    • Upgraded facilities
    • Technologically equipped labs and learning centers
    • Increased program space
    • Renovations
    • Real estate acquisition and expansion

    Reaching New Heights

    Goal: $1 million

    We believe our students’ successes are limited only by the resources available to them. The Enrichment Fund enhances the development of educational programs to maximize student learning. By donating to our Enrichment Fund, you are helping us further develop and implement new programs to complement our robust curriculum. These programs cut across the curriculum and include:

    • STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics
    • Armenian Studies
    • Athletics
    • Integrated and Experiential Learning
    • Response To Intervention Programming
    • Design Based Learning

Why Give

While rich in vision and ideals, Pilibos has depended—and continues to depend—on the generosity of our benefactors.  The School must grow its endowment and funding to preserve its ability to provide a rigorous and engaging academic experience and allow for meticulous planning to ensure a brilliant future.

Pilibos has never been about just us.  It has always been about we.  And together, there is no limit to what we can do.  Your gift to The Half Century Campaign provides much-needed financial assistance to ensure that access to a Pilibos education is available to all highly motivated and qualified students. In addition, annual fund gifts bridge the gap between what the school receives in tuition and what it actually costs to educate bright minds, keeping tuition costs to a minimum. It also supports the funding for many valuable programs on campus that make the Pilibos experience unique.

Please join us in growing our legacy and giving to The Half Century Campaign. Your donation will make it possible to create and sustain a dynamic environment where our core values of deep intellectual curiosity and commitment to excellence, integrity, heritage, unity, and community will forever flourish.  

With your support and commitment, Pilibos will continue to be a place Where Futures Take Flight.